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Want to burn body fat and feel confident with your body?

You’ve come to the right place.

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You MUST learn how change your mindset
You MUST understand your body so you can do the "right" plan that works for you (hint: it's not nutrition)
You MUST create consistency in order to see results

That's where I come in...


Not a hot shot fitness trainer, but I do play one online. I don't have any PHD's or any fancy awards, but one thing I know is.. getting rid of body fat.

Featured in NPC News Online, Muscle & Fitness, Arizona Daily Sun and other super places on the internet, to working with various fortune 500 companies, athletes and sports teams, I have my hands quite full.

I am the "cool uncle" (according to my nieces and nephews), lover of foods and I don't know how to play any card games.

I help individuals who are confused create discipline, consistency and implement an execution plan so they can burn body fat (like melting butter)

It's really THAT simple!

What Others Are Saying...

I'm down 27 lbs! My cellulite is completely gone and I fell stronger than I've ever been! This has been the hardest and most rewarding experience.

Amanda  - Nurse

Lost 14lbs in 30 days, but the most exciting part for me was the overall inches I lost! I was able to lose 3 inches in stomach and legs AND 2 inches everywhere else.

Cassidy  - 


Get a copy of my 3 proven fat burning tips: use this if you still want to eat some of the foods you really enjoy, while creating a your confident body



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